It’s National Nutrition Month! The foods you eat have a big impact on your oral health. So, in honor of the month, we wanted to discuss the foods you should avoid and foods you can enjoy for a healthy smile. 

Here are a few to avoid:

Sugary Beverages

Drinks such as soda or sports drinks have a high level of sugar content. When the bacteria in your mouth blend in with the sugar, it leads to an increase in plaque. As a result, enjoying too much of this type of beverage can increase your risk for cavities or tooth decay. 

Sticky or Hard Candies

Candies like chewy gummies, taffy, or caramel can easily stick to your teeth. Unfortunately, this exposes your teeth to a prolonged level of sugar and increases your risk for cavities. Also, hard candies can chip or crack a tooth.

Starchy Snacks

While potato chips and cracks are enjoyable, they can also put your oral health at risk. The residue from these snacks can stick to your teeth easily. Unfortunately, they don’t wash away comfortably with saliva or water either. As a result, they can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. 

Here are a few to enjoy:

Cheese Snacks

Cheese is always an excellent choice for your smile! It’s rich in calcium and other nutrients that strengthen your teeth. Also, cheese increases saliva production and helps wash away food particles and harmful bacteria.

Crisp Fruits & Vegetables

Crunchy apples, carrots, celery, and other similar fruits and vegetable are exceptional for your oral health. They’re packed with nutrients that strengthen your teeth and protect your gums. 

Lean Proteins

Proteins such as chicken, turkey, eggs, Greek yogurt, and fish contain phosphorus. This mineral develops good oral health by strengthening your tooth enamel. 

Remember, maintaining a healthy smile isn’t just one good habit like eating right. It also includes brushing twice daily and flossing at least once daily. You also need to visit us for regular checkups. We can stay ahead of what happens to your smile with thorough preventive care.

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