If you participate in any kind of physical activity, especially high-impact sports, you likely know the importance of protecting your teeth. While store-bought mouthguards may seem convenient, a mouthguard from your dentist is the ultimate champion when it comes to safeguarding your smile. 

If you need an athletic mouthguard, call us today to visit Lennon Dental Center in Deltaville, VA 804-455-8263 or Mathews 804-607-9348. In the meantime, see why you should get your sports mouthguard from us instead of a store:

  • Optimal Fit and Comfort – We use impressions of your teeth to create your sports mouthguard. This gives you a customized fit. Unlike store-bought options that come in limited sizes, this personalized fit ensures maximum comfort. You’ll be able to speak, breathe, and concentrate on your game without any distractions.
  • Superior Protection – When it comes to safeguarding your teeth, a custom mouthguard offers unparalleled protection. The materials used are typically of higher quality and durability, ensuring better shock absorption and impact resistance. Your dentist’s expertise in fabricating the mouthguard ensures that it covers and cushions your teeth, gums, and jaws effectively. This level of protection can be especially crucial in contact sports, where blows to the face are common.
  • Tailored to Your Needs – Every athlete is unique, and so are their dental requirements. Whether you have braces, dental restorations, or other special considerations, a custom-made mouthguard can accommodate those needs. Our tailored approach ensures you’ll receive optimal protection and support during sports activities.
  • Expert Guidance and Follow-up – Choosing a dentist-made mouthguard means you benefit from our expertise and guidance throughout the process. Your dentist will evaluate your dental health, discuss your athletic activities, and provide recommendations on the most suitable mouthguard for your needs. We’ll ensure the mouthguard is properly fitted and educate you on its care and maintenance. Plus, regular dental check-ups allow us to monitor any changes in your oral health and make necessary adjustments to the mouthguard, ensuring it continues to provide the best protection for your teeth.

When it comes to preserving your winning smile, there’s no substitute for a mouthguard from your dentist. Investing in one will give you the peace of mind and confidence to excel on the field, court, or track. 

We can also provide you with custom-made mouthguards to prevent damage from teeth grinding and to help you stop snoring.

To get fitted for a mouthguard, call Lennon Dental Center in Deltaville, VA 804-455-8263 or Mathews 804-607-9348.