People have been getting dental fillings for centuries. Modern fillings offer some advantages that previous generations couldn’t enjoy.

In addition to restoring the function of your teeth, your composite tooth fillings can preserve your natural smile as well. When should you get a filling? Keep reading for three common reasons.

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1. You Have a Cavity

No one wants tooth decay, yet a vast majority of people will experience a cavity at least once during their lives. When you get one, come see us for a filling.

2. You Have a Small Fracture

A small fracture may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to bigger issues if you ignore it. A filling can prevent worse things from happening.

3. Your Old Fillings Is Worn Out

If you had a cavity previously, you may already have a filling. Over time, wear and tear can cause filings to separate from teeth, become loose, and even fall out. Before that happens, let use help by replacing your old filling.

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