All-on-4® Dental Implants
  • Show off a beautiful & complete smile
  • Restore missing teeth in just one visit
  • Enjoy all of your favorite foods again
Replace A Full Arch of Teeth

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All-on-4 ® Dental Implants in Deltaville, VA

While there are many ways to replace your missing teeth with implants, many procedures can be extensive and have a long recovery time. This means you can have months to wait before you are healed enough to receive your new replacement teeth. At Lennon Dental Center, we offer All-on-4® dental implants in Deltaville that will help you get back your smile in less time. This procedure will:

  • Heal quicker so you can enjoy your new teeth faster
  • Enable you to receive implants and replacement teeth in the same day
  • Allow you to eat all the foods you love
  • Preserve your jaw bone health
  • Help you get a smile you enjoy showing off to the world

Having a fully functioning smile gives you so much you have lost due to missing teeth. Enjoy your grin again by calling us for a consultation at 804-607-9348.

Improve Your Life & Bring Back Your Smile

There’s no need to feel ashamed about having missing teeth. You certainly aren’t alone! More than 36 million Americans don’t have any teeth at all. Most importantly, you can do something about it. Our All-on-4® implants procedure offers an affordable option since it only uses four implants. During this procedure, Dr. Lennon will:

  • Use a cone beam 3-D X-ray to examine your mouth and determine if you are the right candidate for this implant
  • Work with you on developing a treatment plan so you know what to expect and when
  • Place four implants in your jaw, two vertical implants and two at an angle, for greater stability
  • Give you temporary replacement teeth that will provide you with a complete and functional smile while your implants fully heal
  • Make sure you remain comfortable by using a local anesthetic so you don’t feel any pain during your treatment

When your mouth has fully healed, you will return to receive your replacement teeth and have a fully functioning smile. It’s time to feel confident again about your smile! For All-on-4® dental implants in Deltaville, call us today at 804-455-8263 for a consultation.

Common Questions About All-on-4 Implants

Are All-on-4® implants painful?

In most cases, patients experience minimal pain, if any pain at all. We are committed to making all our dental services as comfortable as possible for our patients. With a combination of modern technology, advanced techniques, and local anesthesia, we can place your implants practically painlessly. In time, your All-on-4® implants will feel and function like healthy, natural teeth.

Are All-on-4® dental implants safe?

Yes, All-on-4® is a safe procedure when performed by professionals who have been trained to offer this service. This treatment is as effective as traditional implant placement options for keeping your new teeth securely in place. Like other implant procedures, this can preserve the health of your jaw, too, which is better for your long-term oral health.

What do All-on-4® dental implants cost?

The exact cost for an All-on-4® procedure can vary depending on your circumstances. Until we’ve had a chance to meet with you one-on-one, it is difficult to give you an accurate estimate. We’ll be happy to examine your mouth, take a set of images, and work up a treatment plan so you know what your cost will be.

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