Tooth Fillings

  • Enjoy the natural appearance of non-metal fillings
  • Repair cavities & protect your oral health
  • Get mercury-free fillings at our office
Keep Your Tooth Intact

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Tooth Fillings in Deltaville, VA

When you have cavities, the best thing you can do is seek treatment as soon as you are able. Getting tooth fillings in Deltaville, VA is a simple solution for this common dental problem. By getting a filling you can:

  • End or prevent a toothache
  • Avoid more serious dental problems
  • Bite and chew without pain
  • Revive the natural appearance of your smile

If you notice discoloration or pain in your tooth, don’t hesitate to call 804-455-8263. Make an appointment at Lennon Dental Center and keep smiling.

Repair Your Tooth With Mercury-Free Fillings

Dental fillings are undeniably an important part of our restorative dentistry. Fillings are the fastest and most cost-effective way to fix the effects of tooth decay. If left unchecked, decay can lead to cavities, tooth infections, and tooth loss. We can fix those problems with dental crowns, root canals, and replacement teeth, but getting a filling now is a better option.

Around 1 in 4 adults has an untreated cavity, and more than 90 percent of people will develop tooth decay. Odds are you will need a filling eventually. By coming to our practice, you have a choice of filling options:

  • Gold — Gold has been used for centuries to repair decayed teeth and restore their function.
  • Silver — These are fillings that look silver, but are generally made with a blend of metals.
  • Composite Resin — These fillings revive the function of your decayed tooth while also blending in so they look like part of your natural smile.
  • Porcelain — Like our resin fillings, these also match the color of your tooth, but porcelain is more durable.

When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Lennon can answer any questions you have about our different kinds of fillings. We can help you determine which is best for your needs, which can vary depending on which of your teeth has been affected by decay.

It’s never too early to treat a dental problem. For cavities, you will want to get tooth fillings in Deltaville, VA at Lennon Dental Center. Call 804-455-8263 to make your appointment.

Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

What are white tooth fillings made of?

White fillings are made out of either composite resin, a blend of ceramic and plastic, or porcelain. We can match the color of these materials to your other teeth so they will look completely natural in your smile. Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, white fillings don’t contain mercury. So they’re a good choice for patients who prefer to avoid mercury.

When do tooth fillings need to be replaced?

Tooth fillings can be made from a variety of different materials. At Lennon Dental Center, we use mostly tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin. Not only will they last an average of five to seven years, but they also blend in beautifully with the rest of your teeth; they won’t stand out like metal fillings.

How much does a tooth filling cost?

Without examining your mouth, it is difficult to give you an estimate on your tooth repair. There may be underlying problems you don’t know about that could affect your treatment and the estimated cost. That’s why we recommend you visit us for an initial consultation and exam so that we can give you an accurate estimate for your treatment.

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