Gum Reshaping and Gummy Smile Treatment in Mathews, VA

Your smile creates lasting impressions. It’s how you show your personality and connect with others. Since it’s one of the first things people notice, it’s crucial you love the way it looks. If you show too much of your gumline when you smile, Dr. Lennon can give you a more balanced look by removing that excess gum tissue. With our gummy smile treatment in Mathews, you will:

  • Feel confident about showing off your grin
  • Enhance your overall appearance
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Smile with your teeth instead of a close-mouthed grin

Having a beautiful smile is a wonderful asset. If you are interested in reshaping your gummy grin, call us today at 804-607-9348 to schedule an appointment.

Smile Boldly & Flaunt Your Pearly Whites

An ideal smile usually only shows about two millimeters of your gumline. Any more than that, your smile will look gummy. While studies show that only 14 percent of women and 7 percent of men have this issue, it’s likely the figures are higher since the statistic includes only the people who fix this problem. Many people might not even realize they can do something about it! Here is what to expect with our gum reshaping procedure:

  • We use a special dental laser to remove the excess tissue in your gumline and reseal your gum tissue. This means no cutting or stitching is involved!
  • It’s a treatment that should only take one appointment, and with local anesthetic you shouldn’t feel a thing.
  • We’ll examine your gums to ensure they are in their best condition, since gummy smiles can make it easier for bacteria to hide.

This cosmetic treatment is one of the many ways Dr. Lennon helps patients achieve their dream smile. It’s important to feel confident about showing off your smile to the world, and that’s why we are excited to be your partner in beautifying your grin.  For gummy smile treatment in Mathews, call us at 804-607-9348 for an appointment or simply request an appointment online.