Teeth Whitening
  • Whiten your teeth quick with in-office treatment
  • Lift stubborn teeth stains without leaving the house
  • Combine whitening with other services for a smile makeover
Erase Years From Your Smile!

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Teeth Whitening in Mathews County, VA

There’s a reason you’ll find tons of products in the oral care aisle that promise to whiten your teeth. It’s because everyone wants a bright, attractive smile. But nothing you’ll find in stores compares to our professional teeth whitening in Mathews, VA!

Our powerful whitening treatments at Lennon Dental Center can:

  • Remove stains from your teeth quickly
  • Give you a more radiant smile
  • Make you look years younger
  • Allow you to easily maintain your results
  • Boost your confidence in any setting

It doesn’t get easier to look and feel your best when you whiten your teeth with the professionals! Call 804-607-9348 for an appointment.

Customize Your Treatment Experience with Pro Whitening

As tempting as it might be to grab something from the local drugstore that claims to lighten your teeth dramatically for just a few bucks, you’ll never achieve the results you’re looking for from store-bought whitening toothpastes or strips.

The whitening agents in those products aren’t strong enough to deliver noticeable benefits to your smile. Yet they can be harmful enough to your teeth and gums to do real damage if you’re not careful.

When you trust Dr. Lennon and our team to brighten your smile, you not only get dramatic results, you can customize your treatment according to your goals and your schedule! We offer two different whitening options:

  • In-Office Treatment – If you prefer fast results for an upcoming special occasion, we can whiten your teeth by several shades in a single appointment using our professional Colgate bleaching system.
  • Take-Home Trays – Dr. Lennon can create custom mouth trays and send you home with Opalescence Go whitening gel so you can lighten your teeth conveniently on your own time.

Pro whitening is a great way to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence on its own, but many patients choose to combine it with some of our other cosmetic dentistry services as part of a smile makeover.

Either way, you can easily put more sparkle in your smile with teeth whitening in Mathews, VA! Call Lennon Dental Center at 804-607-9348 for an appointment.

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Can teeth whitening be permanent?

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent. You can expect its effects to last for at least a few months and up to a year if you take steps to control staining. This includes not using tobacco, practicing good oral hygiene, and avoiding staining substances such as coffee and red wine. It’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with water after consuming staining foods or drinks.

What teeth whitening treatment is best?

In order to stay stable on the shelf, products sold over the counter at drugstores have a lower concentration of active whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide. This means they simply aren’t as effective as professional-strength products. In addition, professional whitening is easier to use than many drugstore products, which often involve messy strips.

How does teeth whitening work?

The whitening agent in our teeth whitening systems contains oxygen molecules that interact with the discolored molecules in your teeth enamel. The discolored molecules are broken up, and your teeth are left a sparkling white. Depending on your wants and needs, we can alter the level of whitening by changing the strength of the whitening agent and how long it’s applied.

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