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Family Dentist in Mathews County, VA

Raising a family these days is no easy task. Parents and kids are busier than ever, which means being pulled in many different directions to keep everyone in your household happy and healthy. That’s why we invite you to visit Dr. Lennon, your family dentist in Mathews, VA.

When you come to Lennon Dental Center for your family’s oral care, you can:

  • Schedule dental appointments for you and the kids on the same day
  • Give your younger children a fun, safe place to learn about their oral health
  • Receive more efficient, comfortable care with our patient-friendly technology
  • Enjoy the convenience of having your family’s dental records in one place
  • Treat a variety of dental problems through every stage of life

We’re dedicated to providing hassle-free dental care for everyone in your family. Call us today at 804-607-9348 to visit Dr. Lennon and our friendly team!

Find Wide-Ranging Dental Treatments for the Whole Family

You do all you can to keep your family healthy. But too often that involves a lot of time, money, and energy missing multiple days of work or school and driving to different specialists so everyone can get the care they need.

It doesn’t have to be that way! It’s much more convenient when you have a dental practice that can accommodate and treat you, your spouse, and your kids all under one roof. We’re proud to provide that kind of family dentistry at Lennon Dental Center.

We have the space to see your entire family, even kids as young as 4, on the same day. We also offer wide-ranging services to meet the oral health needs of your loved ones through every stage. Our services include:

  • General Dentistry – Visit us every six months for teeth cleanings and dental exams to keep your favorite smiles healthy. We also offer cavity prevention, gum disease treatment, and more.
  • Mouthguards – Our custom mouthguards can protect teeth from damage, heal a misaligned jaw, and allow easy, uninterrupted breathing for more restful sleep. They are great for family members who participate in contact sports, suffer from painful TMJ problems, or keep everyone awake with their loud snoring.
  • Dental Emergencies – When the unexpected happens, you can reach out to us to tend to your urgent dental care needs, most of the time on the same day that you call.
  • Restorative Dentistry – From treating small cavities to total tooth replacement, Dr. Lennon has the skills, experience, and technology to fix a variety of dental problems with our natural-looking restorations.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Give your smile a little touch-up or make it over entirely with cosmetic solutions like whitening, veneers, gum reshaping, and more.
  • Orthodontics – We offer faster, more discreet orthodontic alternatives to traditional metal braces. They are great for both teens and adults.
  • Dental Implants – Replace one tooth, several, or all of your teeth with restorations attached to dental implants.

You can count on our team’s years of experience in making sure your family’s teeth and gums stay in tip-top shape at every age.

Trust your loved ones’ smiles to our caring, experienced family dentist in Mathews, VA. Call Lennon Dental Center at 804-607-9348 today for an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.

Common Questions About Family Dentistry

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is simply dental care that benefits every member of your family. Rather than focusing our services on just kids or just adults, our team will treat all your crew. You can get everyone’s smiles taken care of in one convenient location. This will give you peace of mind about your family’s dental care.

What should I look for in a family dentist?

One of the most important things you should look for in a family dentist office is one that routinely treats a wide age range of patients, as young as age 4, with a variety of dental problems. When your family dentist has the experience and expertise you need, you can rest easy knowing your family will receive the best smile care possible.

Is family dentistry covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans provide some coverage for preventive care, such as dental cleanings and exams. Many policies also include assistance for general dental services and some restorative and surgical treatments. However, you should review the details of your policy. Our team will work with your provider to get the maximum benefit from your plan for you and your loved ones.

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