Get Oral Surgical Solutions for the Best Treatment for Your Smile

For decades, Lennon Dental Center’s team has been caring for smiles in Norfolk, VA with oral surgery solutions. We have a lengthy list of satisfied people that return year after year for their dental treatment since we provide top-notch therapy to all. Our patients know they will receive great care from the moment they walk through our doors – and you can also! Our staff strives to make sure that each client gets excellent oral care from beginning to end.

If you have anxiousness regarding your oral surgery, do not worry. We understand, which is why you will obtain exactly what you need to sit back comfortably in our care.

Our dental surgery treatments include:

  • Tooth Removals – We’ll regularly try to save your damaged or diseased tooth, yet if that’s not possible, we’ll carefully remove it to shield your oral health and wellness. Drawing out a damaged tooth will aid prevent troubles with your other teeth as well as gum tissues.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, yet if you do, you have found the right place to help. Your dentist will remove them so they do not cause you any more discomfort or damage your other teeth.
  • Bone Grafts – Bone loss is a common consequence of missing teeth. Bone grafts are a great way to rebuild your jaw.
  • Sinus Lift – Think of this as a bone graft for your upper jaw. A sinus lift is done so that you have sufficient bone tissue to secure dental implants.
  • Gum Grafts – Gum disease or other problems can lead to gum recession. To restore your gumline, you need what is essentially a gum tissue transplant.

If you believe you may need oral surgery in Norfolk, VA, call Lennon Dental Center today at 804-455-8263 to set up an appointment. We’ll get your smile back in good shape!