If your vision of your dream smile is different from what you see when you look in the mirror, what are you waiting for? We’ve got many smile improvement services at Lennon Dental Center that can give you the appearance you’ve always wanted. 

Just call us today at 804-607-9348 to get your smile transformation in Mathews, VA started. Or if you’d prefer to visit our office in Deltaville, VA, call 804-455-8263.

We’ll help you find the services best suited to your smile. We can:

  • Replace Missing Teeth – If you’ve got gaps left by missing teeth, you are probably reluctant to show your smile. We can change that by replacing your teeth. Your options include dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Unlike other kinds of replacement teeth, implants prevent you from losing bone density in your jaw. 
  • Correct a Crooked Smile – There’s no need to get metal braces to straighten crooked teeth. In most cases, you can use Invisalign instead. These clear aligners won’t stand out in your smile. Plus, treatment time is typically quicker than with braces. 
  • Conceal Dental Flaws – If you’ve got one or more imperfections that bother you, we can cover them up. Dental veneers will look beautiful for many years. A bonding treatment won’t last as long, but it’s more affordable than veneers. 
  • Whiten Dingy Teeth – Whether you choose a treatment in our office or prefer a convenient take-home option, our professional products will give you brighter results than you can get from drugstore whitening. 
  • Improve the Appearance of Your Gums – We offer treatments to restore receding gum tissue or to remove excess tissue so that your teeth stand out more. 

We can’t wait to make your dream smile a reality! Call us at 804-607-9348 for Mathews or 804-455-8263 for Deltaville.